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About was created by a Team of webmasters, entrepreneurs, software and database developers and SEO|SEM professionals who are here to bring the best and most updated information related to Search Engine Optimization Software and more.

We are dedicated to providing our visitors with useful information to help understand the complex world of the internet.

We are a very diversified group who have worked in almost every type of business and at every level of these businesses and are now together to bring all of our knowledge to our visitors, partners and customers.

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Why SEO and SEM?

We started this website to provide information The Formula related to Search Engine Optimization. As we began to explore everything related to SEO; we realized that it really goes way beyond just SEO. We at provide as much updated information as possible about SEO, SEM, SEO Software, Web hosting and Domain Name Registrars, Website Template Companies, Books and much more. We strive to provide a ONE STOP shop for anything and everything that can help someone looking to do it alone.