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These tools will help you succeed in any small business. Enjoy and please continue to e-mail us letting us know how much we have helped you and which one has helped you the most.


Skype is revolutionizing the way people communicate around the world. Every day, millions of people use Skype to communicate for free through voice and video calls as well as instant messages. Many people also use Skype to call landline and mobiles with pay as you go Skype Credit or a monthly subscription.
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Article Submitter Pro

Article Submitter Pro
Writing articles about what you know and submitting them to article depositories is a fantastic way to market your business, web site or product. Article Submitter Pro takes the repetition out of submitting the same information over and over again to the thousands of article directories out there.
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Site Build It - Free Trial

Site Build It!
I cannot say enough good things about SBI, certainly not in a couple sentences. Whatever you do, whoever you are, whatever you know, you can't make a better move than Site Build It! to build a successful online business.

Pamela for Skype

Pamela for Skype
Pamela is a fantastic tool for Skype users. It enhances Skype with these additional features;

Skype Call Recording, Skype Video Recording, Skype Chat Recording, Skype Call Transfer, Rich Mood Editor, Answering Machine, Video Mail, Mega Emotion Sounds, Auto Chat Reply, Birthday Reminders, Email Forwarding, Contact Personalization, Auto Start Applications and Skype Publishing

There are so many great uses for Pamela. Check out the web site and get yourself a copy ASAP!

Buy FeedForAll

FeedForAll - Easily Create RSS Feeds
Easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds and podcasts. New RSS feeds can be quickly and easily created with FeedForAll. Advanced features enable you to create iTunes compatible podcasts. Existing RSS feeds can be repaired and enhanced with FeedForAll. RSS feeds generated by other means can be automatically repaired, so that they conform to the RSS 2.0 specification. Day to day feed maintenance can be handled simply with FeedForAll. Features such as automatic publication date handling and field defaults enables users to keep their feeds up-to-date with minimal effort. Simply put, FeedForAll is everything you want and expect from a RSS creation and maintenance tool. Download a trial version of FeedForAll here.

If you're an Apple user, you can get FeedForAll for the Mac, too.

directory submitter pro

Directory Submitter Pro
Getting backlinks to your web site is important. Submitting them to thousands of directories can be a chore. That's where Directory Submitter Pro comes in. There is a free version, but I recommend the upgrade, simply because it provides you with a lot more directories to submit to.

Worldwide Brand's OneSource

Worldwide Brand's OneSource
If you're business is drop shipping, Worldwide Brand's product, OneSource, is the only source for legitimate drop ship wholesalers. Don't get scammed! Thousands of drop shipping wholesalers, millions of products, one-time fee, for a lifetime. Guaranteed. Very highly recommended!

Media Converter

Media Converter
This is a very handy online tool for converting video, audio and documents to other formats. You can even convert YouTube videos. It's free, too!


Keep your data backed up and accessible from anywhere there's a computer for free (up for 2 gigs). Acts as a virtual drive and includes automated back-ups. They have paid plans, as well.

Camtasia Studio Version 5
There are a lot of screen recording software out there. I do quite a bit of marketing and selling by making how-to videos and such. I simply refuse to scrimp when it comes to good software for this. Free or low-quality stuff just won't do. Camtasia is the absolute best you can get. I prefer it over anything less expensive.

Google Checkout
Want a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online? You got it.
Stop creating multiple accounts and passwords. With Google Checkout™ you can quickly and easily buy from stores across the web and track all your orders and shipping in one place.
Shop with confidence. Our fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized purchases made through Google Checkout, and we don't share your purchase history or full credit card number with sellers.
Control commercial spam. Keep your email address confidential, and easily turn off unwanted emails from stores where you use Google Checkout.

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